A Reward & Recognition Solutions Company

We provide Reward and Recognition Solutions
for your entire enterprise.

A Reward & Recognition Solutions Company

We provide Reward and Recognition Solutions
for your entire enterprise.

A Reward & Recognition
Solutions Company

We provide Reward and Recognition Solutions
for your entire enterprise.

Simply stated, we are a Reward & Recognition Solutions Company driven to help you achieve your business goals involving profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, product and service quality, turnover, absenteeism, leadership training, safety and wellness. 

Tailored “Reward and Recognition” Solutions

Providing tailored “Reward and Recognition” solutions that will inspire your employees, your channel partners and your customers to improve their performance and your business results. We custom design successful solutions that can create engagement, guarantee your budget (spend), make program administration extremely easy and convenient and drive the business results you are looking for!

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Employee Recognition

Concept Reward’s & Recognition has the employee recognition programs that align with your goals and engage your people, allowing you to meet and exceed your business objectives. Our goal is to work with these organizations that believe as we do: the bottom line in business is that engaged people are everything. Employee recognition is an integral step towards getting your employees engaged.

Service Anniversary

We deliver seamless, hassle-free service with integrity that delights your employees. That’s what you can expect from our service anniversary programs.

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Employee Engagement

Increase engagement by uncovering the great work being done at your company and reinforcing those desirable behaviors through recognition, rewards, and social participation.


We enable the world’s most dynamic companies to harness a shared purpose though a proven, people-driven platform. We integrate recognition, incentives, and rewards on one platform, providing, a seamless user experience across multiple initiatives.

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When it comes to performance recognition and incentivizing your workforce, one size fits one. To effectively recognize your talent, treat them as they want to be treated by offering personalized rewards and acknowledgement.


Our incentives are a configurable software solution designed to make contest creation quick and easy, record sales activity, reward performance, and provide business intelligence.

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Health & Wellness 

We help your organization recognize and reward behaviors that contribute to improving the health of your workforce, reducing insurance expenses, and increasing employee engagement.


We help your employees learn how to work safely by recognizing behaviors that contribute to the prevention of unsafe working conditions.

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Most e-learning is either horribly boring, too long, or doesn’t have a focus on action planning and coaching. This leads to over eight out of ten people globally dropping out of the e-learning.

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