Employee Recognition

Why Should You Consider Implementing an Employee Recognition Program?

Employee recognition programs are shown to have a connection to high performance, retention, loyalty, safe behavior, and increased profit margins!

In a study based on stock performance in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” companies with engaged employees returned 14% per year on each dollar invested, while the overall market return was only 6% per year. An engaged workforce is more skilled, creative and loyal, thus creating a higher customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and company profits.  Plus, companies with fully engaged employees have increased awareness, productivity, and happiness at work which leads to fewer accidents, days off and poor behavior patterns.  But…..

Only 25% of employees are fully engaged, according to current research and most of the other employees are actively seeking other job opportunities! 

Concept Rewards & Recognition has employee recognition programs that will align your employees with your corporate goals, adding enthusiasm to your quest for meeting and exceeding your business objectives.  Our goal is to work with organizations that believe as we do:  the bottom line in business is that ENGAGED people are everything!  Employee recognition is a big step in that direction!


What Recognition Program Works Best for Your Team?

Whether your goal is to improve the overall value and quality of your customer service, to foster a corporate culture that aligns to your Mission Statement, to manage and promote safe behavior within your safety culture, or to implement creative employee performance ideas for keeping your workforce motivated and focused on your corporate goals, we can help you meet your needs!

We have many program options and our Certified Recognition Professionals can help you customize your program to exceed your recognition needs. All this is accomplished while staying in budget with our

Guaranteed Budget Controlled Pricing!.

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