What We Do

A Reward & Recognition Solutions Company

Simply stated, we are driven to help you achieve your business goals:  profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, product and service quality, turnover, absenteeism, safety, employee health and wellness and engaging your leadership or……. you tell us! 

Today’s leaders know that tomorrow’s growth depends on engaging, motivating and rewarding the people needed to build that growth.  At Concept Rewards & Recognition, we enable the world’s most dynamic companies to harness a shared purpose through proven, people-driven performance platforms.

Our rewards, recognition and incentive solutions make it easy to highlight good deeds, compensate great work, and share authentic stories that reinforce a common direction for your workforce.  Designed around two-way engagement, our platforms seamlessly integrate with your brand, systems, and culture to create a fun, familiar place where employees and management are on the same page and the same path–communicating, celebrating, and competing at their best.

Fully scalable, our proprietary performance software platforms will both meet your current needs and adapt where and when you need to grow, all supported by an experienced team wholly committed to energizing and engaging your workforce, enhancing their impact, and focusing their efforts on achieving your stated business objectives.  

Designing Custom Solutions For over 20 Years

Our “Best of Class” Reward and Recognition Solutions drive measurable business results for our clients.


We design and deliver these Solutions for your: 


  • Service Anniversary and Retirement Programs
  • Spot and Peer Nomination Programs
  • Incentive Programs:  Sales, Performance, etc.
  • Aligned Employee Engagement Programs
  • Employee Health & Wellness Programs
  • Leadership Engagement Initiatives 
  • OSHA Compliant Safety Incentive Programs
  • Symbolic Recognition Awards
  • Emblematic Jewelry Programs
  • Global Implementation
  • Global Recognition and Reward Fulfillment 

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