Why Us ?

Do your current employee and incentive programs achieve your business goals?

We provide targeted solutions to drive measurable business goals through our tailored programs by driving employee engagement and performance for our clients with a variety of proven Reward & Recognition tools.  Our programs have been and are being used by Fortune 500 global enterprises as well as companies with as few as 150 employees.  We can help you too!

Our client-centric consultative evaluation process plus our best-practice engagement model ensures what we collaboratively design is aligned to your measurable business goals and that our programs will inspire participation and deliver measurable improvement!  Our programs are working now for hundreds of companies with 150 – 100,000+ employees, both domestically and globally.


These proven solutions drive employee engagement and performance to help our clients achieve their stated and measurable business goals, including both employee and customer loyalty and ultimately customer satisfaction and profitability.


There have been many innovations in our industry lately… new Performance Platforms for managing multiple programs, new Pricing models, new Software as a Service (SaaS) models, Global Reward with “in-country” Distribution, Instant Spot Recognition and multi-tiered Peer Nomination models, Safety Incentive Programs that monitor savings, etc.   Are you up to date with what’s available now and how these new program models can invigorate your current programs?

Are you reviewing any of your current Rewards and Recognition programs?

Are your current programs (Recognition, Incentives, etc.) achieving your business goals?

Are your programs  targeting your business goals and driving the performance you want?


Are you able to measure the impact of your R&R programs and determine the ROI?

Are your current programs addressing the Gen X, Y and Z generations effectively?

Would you like to be able to manage all of your current and new programs on a single sign on dashboard?

Are you disappointed in the award selections in your current programs?

Do you want a “price check” to compare your current programs to “what’s new”?

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