Emblematic Jewelry

Jewelry Recognition Awards programs are at the heart of the Rewards & Recognition industry.  Over the years, we have produced jewelry programs for a vast number of recognition purposes, including:  

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Service and Retirement Awards

Sales Achievement and Incentive Awards

Safe Driver/Safe Worker Incentives

Employee, Dealer, Distributor Incentive and Recognition Awards


Well-designed Reward & Recognition programs create an environment where performance is publicly recognized and celebrated.  It creates a desire in others to achieve the same goals. Jewelry Recognition award programs work well in this environment – for a number of reasons:

  • Jewelry is THE most personal form of recognition – worn close to the body and stays with the employee wherever they are, on- or off-site, for all to see.  It instills pride in all who wear it.

  • Custom jewelry awards are unique, exclusive and personal.  They cannot be bought….only earned!

  • Precious metals/precious stones have a high perceived value that only increases over time.

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